Metals recycling

Turning metal dross to new secondary materials
Top and bottom dross

Top and bottom dross is collected from production processes and further directed to recycling

Metal ingots

From dross reprocessing derive remelted metal ingots, ready for further industrial usage

Fines and leftovers

By-products of reprocessing stage can be used for chemicals production and other uses

From scrap to cash

We specialize in all the metal recycling process phases, from collection to processing and refining. We trade the raw materials, the recycled products and the leftovers, offering you the best prices and quality. As one-stop traders, we only deal with end-users and end-processors in the supply chain. Whether you need to buy or sell metal, we are your solution of choice for a greener and more profitable business.

Our added values

in today's changing world, traders must add value as a reason to exist
Materials assessment

Don’t trade blindly, trade wisely. We offer material assessment services to help you determine the quality and the corresponding value of metals.

Logistics and control

Logistics and control are not just optional extras, but can make the difference between success and failure in the competitive and volatile trading market. 

Finance and payments

As a trader, having access to finance solutions can make a huge difference in performance and profitability. Finance solutions can help us trade with more flexibility.


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